SPA (Single Page Application) is equipped with so-called Magistral-layout, which has been designed as SPA-container for clean internal SPA-navigation and possibility of explicit cancellation (abandoment by user) of server request invocation. Such cancellable busy-operation is realized here as semi-blocking visual procedure.

Magistral-layout is implemented with help of TypeScript (there is C# API for Blazor-client; .NET-classes: AFXUI.UMagistral and AFXUI.UMagistralMI). Magistral HTML (layout elements in markup) was intentionally built at topmost in wwwroot/index.html (instead of Razor-file) — for the sake of sense presence of embedded SPA-enhancement, as if it has been built-in into browser (for such perceptional effect).

Approximate structure of Magistral-layout (its visual elements):

  1. Page scrollable content
  2. Tool panet (side-bar at the right)
    1. Busy indicator (animated image at top-right)
    2. Navigation drop-down menu (SPA)
    3. Home-page reference (SPA)
    4. Reload-page reference (SPA)
    5. Select all content reference
    6. Unselect anything rectangle (DIV)
    7. Escape panels (together with busy-indicator)
    8. Page-top / page-bottom arrows (scroll refs)
    9. Vertical page name (at right-bottom)
  3. Operation popup indicator (at busy state)
  4. Page content footer