This is so-called tiny-technology. It is related to console applications in .NET. It was designed in order to have more rich console output. Console-tech. is provided mainly by “CommonHelpers.HConsole” instance class from ($Console code-package from CommonHelpers.2.dll). Different decorations are provided for rich console output in color: headers/footers, splitters, item list, featured inscription, operation message etc.

HConsole–class is not static. More than one target output may be used. There are three possible output types supported by HConsole:
– .NET console output: visual / invisual (file output) modes;
– report file: is useful for good-readable log;
– external output delegation: may be used for organization of console-like output embedded into GUI-application (in WinForms for instance).

The library is old enough. Console API does not provide modern not nullable reference types for C# user-code. (CommonHelpers.dll and CommonHelpers.2.dll are compiled with <Nullable>disable</Nullable>.)

For acquaintance with Console see following locations (SDK):
– “HandicraftSDK\DotNetHelpers\Libraries\CommonHelpers.2\MainCode\$Console”: library source (code-package);
– “HandicraftSDK\DotNetHelpers\Samples\ConsoleCalculator”: interactive I/O (very old sample-prog.);
– “HandicraftSDK\DotNetHelpers\Samples\.LEGACY\LnkConverter utility”: console output, error-log reporting.