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© Sergei Y.Kitáev, 2020
E-Mail: S.Y.Kitaev@yandex.ru
Residence: Vorónezh, Russia

Handicraft-SDK is a set of helper libraries, simple tools, templates and samples, that may be utilized in programming connected with following platforms/environments:
– .NET-frameworks: .NET 5.0, .NET 4.6 (legacy), .NET 5.0 for WebAssembly (in Web-browser);
– Transact-SQL language: DB-development – with and inside MSSQL-database;
– Projects related to legacy parts of Windows-OS: Win32, C++/CLI, C# with C/C++ (P/Invoke), CMD-scenarious (templates/builds) etc.

Here are contained a miscellaneous base primitives (systematized runtime helpers for usage at different code levels). In the first place its content may be useful as idea example(s), that doesn't suppose direct DLL-module importing, but only using (adoption) of some source code fragments instead.

This pack has console character. It means that command-line (/file-commander) builds are in priority. All compilations are normally performed (as the most comfortable way) with help of — one of the most important programs for PC.


Copyright Sergei Y.Kitáev, 2020

This software is free of charge.
This software has open source.

Any essential (not tiny) use of code from this Handicraft-SDK in your project causes an obligation from you do not conceal about such code usage. It means that if some essential (not tiny) import of code from the Handicraft-SDK into your project takes place and some list of imported components is declared, then the fact of the corresponding import from the Handicraft-SDK must be included among the other project details or list items, imported components.