Installation of SQL-file environment is not simple nor very complex. The software is installed by hands, it is needed to work a little.
Download pages (this domain):    
Files for download (one of):  “Handicraft_Toolkit_YYYYMMDDx.7z” (without password)  or  “HandicraftSDK YYYY-MM-DDx.7z” (password: qwerty).

List of the manipulations that are needed to install the SQL-file programming environment (steps 1..10):

Copy either HandicraftSDK folder or Handicraft_Toolkit_YYYYMMDDx folder (SDK + additional examples) to user machine (it is desirable to put it not far from volume root). Path to the SDK must not to contain exclamation sign character ‘!’; the same actual is for the path(s) to user SQL-project(s)!

Register path to CMD-utilities folder — include it in PATH variable of system or user environment (to make working the following utilities of the console mode: $SQLTRANS, $SQLUPLOAD, $SQLCON, $SQL, $SQLTOCSVEXP, $CONFIRMPAUSE, $TYPEINCOLOR and others).

Specify in the system SQLAUX_ROOT variable (system / user environment) so that it refer to the following path: “...\SQL\SQLAUX” (or similar location) for the sake of availability of SQLAUX scripting library. Also it is very useful to define SSMS_ExePath variable (to something like the following): “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 18\Common7\IDE\Ssms.exe”.

Copy CmdCpAuto plugin folder (it is for the Far Manager) “...\HandicraftSDK\Utilities\Far plugins\CmdCpAuto plugin, build 100 (Far v3)\x64\CmdCpAuto” (or “...\x86\CmdCpAuto”) into “%FARHOME%\Plugins\” folder. (“Far Manager” folder is located under the “Program Files” folder in Windows OS.)

Copy “*.lua” files (all simple macros or selectively) to the Far Manager into “%FARPROFILE%\Macros\scripts\” folder. The LUA-macros are took from “...\CMD-utilities\Shell\Integration” folder.

Configure file association for “.sql” extension according to instructions from the “...\CMD-utilities\Shell\Integration” folder (please read “*.txt” files). You have to perform some other actions at this step in concordance with the instructions. For instance — to make adoption of liked menu items to user system (Far Manager) as suggested in FarMenu.ini sample file (located in Integration folder). Also there you’ll find an information how to configure for SQL-translation (i.e. processing performed by $SQLTRANS-utility) one of the best autonomous editors of program source text, it is about GUI-editor (see the Integration folder for details).

Here below, on the second picture it is illustrated the way of configuration of SQL-script association (.SQL) in the Far Manager.

Inside SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS IDE) you have to switch on the following important setting:
Main manu :: Tools :: Options :: Query Execution :: SQL Server :: General :: By default, open new queries in SQLCMD mode (switch on the checkbox).

It is desirable to achieve precise accurate adjustment of Far Manager window by fitting in into the work area of your desktop. Well fitting console does not have vertical (and horizontal) scroll bar when its window is maximized. Good-looking pseudographic frames in Far Manager panels (composed by line drawing characters) are normally without gaps. (As insignificant clearance in text graphics is possible for output from CMD batches / utilities.) It is effective to “play” with parameters of the program shortcut (.LNK binary file configured by Windows Explorer) to reach a successful view.

Recommended font family name is Consolas, for the sake of compatibility with Unicode, good-looking appearance on high DPI display etc.
(Further there are settings acting on the author’s computer.) Font :: Size: 18, not bold (this is for 1920×1080 display resolution combined with scale value 125%). Layout :: Screen Buffer Size: 158×43. Wrap text output on resize: ON. Layout :: Window Size: 158×43. Layout :: Window Position: -4×-4. Let system position window: ON.
(Some of your parameters will probably be another.)

Also for startup from anywhere by hotkey define the following for your Far Manager shortcut (.LNK) located on your desktop:
Shortcut :: Shortcut key :: Ctrl + Alt + F12 (or similar, for “Far Manager 3 x64.lnk”).

It is important and this is implied that MSSQL client utilities are installed in the system (SQLCMD, BCP) and the corresponding location is referenced by the PATH environment variable, as its part. For instance: “C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\Client SDK\ODBC\170\Tools\Binn” (one of the PATH components delimited from the others by the column sign ‘;’).

More over, it is suggested to neutralize in the system possibility of quick text selection in the console (by the mouse pointer). It is needed to avoid unintentional making of such selection, that in its turn causes undesirable cessation of program text output to the console.

In Windows Registry (via reg-file or manually by the Registry Editor):


Auxiliary reg-file: “...\HandicraftSDK\Utilities\System Configuration\Console\QuickEdit=0.HKCU.reg”.
...\HandicraftSDK\Utilities\System Configuration” folder contains a group of registry setting helpers.

(A restart of the Far Manager will be required to reflect the changes!)

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